Founded in 1924 by A.M Shaffer, Canyonville Christian Academy is one of the oldest Christian boarding schools in the western United States.  CCA has day classes for the local community and boarding facilities for grades 9 through 12, with college prep and ESL curriculum.   As a private boarding school CCA offers a strong emphasis on developing character and enhancing life skills by our dedicated Christian faculty.

Canyonville Christian Academy is nothing like a traditional boarding or private school.  It gives students the family atmosphere that they deserve to have a profound affect on their lives.

With a 15:1 student ratio CCA gives students the education they need, while offering award winning programs and activities the students can enjoy.

  • great student center/ gaming room
  • PDF map done by professional artist of the campus – to scale
  • very personal relationships with the students
  • core values, ethics
  • affordable
  • small closeness of it
  • not like a big traditional boarding school – family atmosphere
  • profound effect on their lives

– Small individualized instruction
– Specific help in preparation for college
– ESL students – individualized help for non english speakers
– Parents are looking for : college is their future and they are willing to sacrifice their kids for their futures